What Tests Does Travelpro Put Crew™ 11 Luggage Through?

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Road warriors and frequent business travelers need luggage that will see them through hundreds of thousands of miles and hundreds of hours in the air. You need something that will last for years and not fail on you at the most inopportune moment.

Travelpro Crew 11 Group Photo

Travelpro Crew 11 Collection

So you may be interested in learning just how thoroughly tested the Crew™ 11 luggage collection is. Crew 11 is the sister collection to our FlightCrew™ 5 collection, which is made specifically for flight professionals. (Our founder, Bob Plath, was originally a pilot for Northwestern Airlines when he invented the Rollaboard Carry-on suitcase, so he understood what flight professionals put their bags through.)

As you would suspect, we have tested every element of Crew 11 with a series of machines developed to test the strength and durability of all our models. For example, the top and side carry handles are put through a jerk test by attaching a fully loaded bag to a machine that roughly lifts, drops, and jerks it, testing the handles as well as the screws that secure them to the bag.

Our high performance wheels are tested for mile after mile over multiple surface types to simulate road warrior usage.
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Travelpro Announces its Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Invention of the Rollaboard

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A Modern Luggage Innovation that Changed the Way we Travel

(Boca Raton, Fla. – Jan. 9, 2012)—Travelpro will celebrate its 25th Anniversary of the invention of Rollaboard luggage throughout 2012 with an array of promotions, dynamic new product introductions, special events and media co-ops.

It all started when Robert Plath, a pilot for Northwest Airlines, changed the physical orientation of luggage from horizontal to vertical, added large wheels and an extension handle; hence, inventing the Rollaboard, an entirely new way to transport personal belongings while traveling.Travelpro Rollaboard Luggage - 18" Business Plus Rollaboard

“When Travelpro founder, Robert Path, invented the original Rollaboard in his garage in 1987, he not only changed the way people traveled but his new invention helped energize the entire travel goods industry,” said Scott Applebee, Vice President of Marketing for Travelpro. “The Rollaboard also led to the creation of the company, Travelpro, which immediately became an industry leader due to his powerful innovation.”

Plath founded Travelpro and began providing Rollaboard luggage to airline flight crews and pilots. The idea was so universally successful with the airline crews, Travelpro launched the product commercially through retail stores in the early 90’s and has been changing the way consumers travel ever since.

In 1994, Travelpro was ranked as one of the fastest growing private companies by Inc. Magazine. Recently, Inc. Magazine listed Plath’s Rollaboard invention as one of the top innovations in modern history. In November 2011, in a Discovery Channel program entitled, “What’s America Worth?” the invention was highlighted as one of the leading examples of how innovation adds value to a country’s net worth. Numerous awards have followed including winning the 2009 and 2010 Leading Edge Award from Executive Travel Magazine for “The Best Carry-on Case.” Its luggage also had a co-starring role in the multi-Oscar nominated film “Up in the Air”, starring George Clooney.

Today, Travelpro has continued to grow its reputation of innovation and style as one of the leading luggage brands worldwide. Travelpro luggage is now used by over 80 airlines globally and is sold commercially throughout the world.

Travelpro manufactures numerous luggage collections including Platinum 7, Crew™ 8, FlightPro LITE, Walkabout Lite 4, Maxlite 2 Rollaboards and Spinners, Executive Pro™ and Tpro Bold ™. These collections represent the best of the best for innovation, quality and value. Additionally, Travelpro purchased the well-respected Atlantic Luggage and Austin House to fortify its brand presence in the Luggage and Travel Accessories industry.

For more information about Travelpro, please visit the Travelpro website for a complete list of the latest products and retail locations. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Baggage Check: A Look at the Latest and Greatest Luggage Innovations

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It’s been 24 years since Robert Plath, a Northwest Airlines 747 pilot and founder of Travelpro, slapped a set of wheels and an extension handle on a suitcase and changed travel forever. Rolling luggage satisfied a need travelers didn’t know they had. Few inventions have changed the travel landscape like Plath’s Original Rollaboard®. However, today’s manufacturers continue to turn the heads of luggage shoppers with smart and useful innovations.

Checkpoint friendly luggage from Travelpro

Checkpoint-friendly briefcase

Checkpoint-Friendly Designs

In the wake of post-9/11 security, checkpoint-friendly luggage designs allow travelers to keep their laptops (and tablets, like the iPad) in their bags while going through security checkpoints. These checkpoint-friendly bags have either a separate fold-down section or a standalone protective sleeve that is easily inspected. With all of these designs, moving through security is now a breeze. Checkpoint-friendly designs can be found in business cases and backpacks.

Lighter Everything without Sacrificing Durability

Figuring out how to lighten lightweight bags and maintain durability is what keeps luggage engineers very busy today. With airlines lowering weight allowances, super lightweight bags allow travelers to pack more without incurring penalties. So lighter bags can save you money, but they most hold up over the long run. The key components that’ll lighten the load in your bag: honeycomb framing, durable EVA foam for stiffness and sleek contours, telescoping aluminum handles and nylon fabric.

Business Organizers

Easy access to business stuff inside the bag has become an essential feature for business travelers on the go. Pens, business cards, keys, CDs, computer accessories, folder and books pouches, a laptop and iPad can be stashed for easy storage and retrieval in today’s typical business organizer. Interior accessory pockets can be used for bulky electronic gear and assorted cables as well. The most popular bags featuring business organizers are backpacks, smaller uprights or carry-ons, business cases and totes.

Duffels with Drop-Bottoms and Zippered End-Compartments

Drop-bottom designs have added a whole new dimension to packing a duffel. Using a zippered divider, this innovative feature allows you to pack in smaller compartments, thus preventing clothes from bunching and wrinkling. Many duffels also add small zipped compartments at the ends of the bag for shoes, cables and last-minute items. Again, this feature prevents your things from moving around in a big duffel.

Widebody 20-inch Carry-On

Shorter and wider than traditional carry-ons, the 20-inch Widebody bag is roomy yet still fits easily into overhead bins. They give you the added capacity of a 22-inch bag while still falling into the carry-on category. Because of its slim width, the 4-wheeled Widebody Spinner bag can be easily pushed forward up an aisle, without catching on seats or passenger elbows.
Lightweight, durable and innovative luggage is the hallmark of Travelpro, founded by pilot Robert Plath. Today flight crews and pilots of over 80 airlines use Travelpro products. Visit www.travelpro.com to view Travelpro’s many collections.

Travelpro Is In The New York Times

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We were recently published in the New York Times (Joe Sharkey’s “On the Road” column: Reinventing the Suitcase by Adding the Wheel).

It was 40 years ago that Bernard Sadow invented the first rolling suitcase, taking some casters from a rolling wardrobe and putting them on a large travel suitcase. Although acceptance was slow at first, the product eventually took off and it paved the way for Robert Plath, a pilot for Northwest Airlines, to invent the first Rollaboard® carry-on bag, which was quickly embraced by airline pilots and flight attendants. Robert Plath left Northwest and moved on to found Travelpro, where he began to design and manufacture Rollaboard luggage for all travelers.

Since then, Travelpro has grown to be a leader in the luggage industry, helping business and leisure travelers get from Point A to Point B with comfort and ease. While our primary focus is making our customers happy, we can’t help but feel good when someone like the The New York Times mentions us in one of their articles.

So, like Joe Sharkey, we want to salute Bernard Sadow for paving the way for people like Robert Plath and companies like Travelpro.