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At the heart of Travelpro® is a man who knew more about travel than most anyone in the world.  A Northwest Airlines 747 pilot, Bob Plath had crisscrossed the globe a thousand times over, suitcase in tow. Continuing his legacy and passion for discovery, we at Travelpro® want to accompany you on your adventures every step of the way. From finding the best bag to suit your needs to finding tips on how to make the most of your trip, we got your back. Catch up on everything travel related right here!

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Five Ways Business Travelers Should Prepare for Cold & Flu Season

The media has been abuzz with the news about coronavirus, but it's also cold and flu season this time of year. Regardless of what illnesses are in circulation right now, it's always smart to be prepared and to avoid getting sick with a few simple practices you can...

Robert & Mary Carey Spotlight: Palm Springs, CA

When you think of California — Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco or perhaps even Napa may immediately come to mind. If you’re like many of us living in colder weather U.S. destinations, you may be dreaming of a warm weather getaway by now. Palm Springs offers a...

5 Tips to Easily Navigate the TSA Checkpoint

We're just a few short weeks away from Spring Break, and as a traveler, you know what that means: Everyone is lining up in the TSA lines, trying to rush their way onto their flights, losing their patience and worrying whether they'll make their flight in time. But you...

The Latest in Technology for Business Travelers

There's so much new technology for business travelers these days, it's making business travel both easier and more complicated. Video conferences, conference calls, uploading and downloading files, sending and receiving emails. Whatever needs to be done, has to be...

5 Ways to Cope with Winter Business Travel

Winter business travel can present a number of issues during the cold months, issues you don't face in the other three seasons. For a business trip, there's typically no room for error, which means that business travelers need to be prepared for every situation, as...

Determine the ROI of Business Travel

Companies are still struggling to accurately determine the ROI of business travel and travel expenses. This has been an ongoing problem faced by businesses of all sizes, from 5 to 5,000 employees. So we're certainly not going to solve it here. But we might be able to...

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