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At the heart of Travelpro® is a man who knew more about travel than most anyone in the world.  A Northwest Airlines 747 pilot, Bob Plath had crisscrossed the globe a thousand times over, suitcase in tow. Continuing his legacy and passion for discovery, we at Travelpro® want to accompany you on your adventures every step of the way. From finding the best bag to suit your needs to finding tips on how to make the most of your trip, we got your back. Catch up on everything travel related right here!

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Five Things Do If You’re Caught in an Emergency Abroad?

Running into an emergency when you're traveling within the country isn't as a huge deal as it is when you're overseas. You may not speak the language, their system of government, health care, and emergency response may operate differently, and when you're dealing with...

Five Ways to Sleep Better in a Hotel

What is your perfect night's sleep when you travel? You envision a bed with perfect support, comfy pillows and perfect temperature in your hotel room. Realistically you know that it probably won't be perfect, but you think you'll be so exhausted that you'll sleep...

When is the Best Time to Buy 2019 Holiday Flights?

Are you traveling for the upcoming holidays? Visiting family or escaping the craziness of family get-togethers? We already shop for Black Friday for deals on gifts so why not find the Black Friday for holiday flights? We recently read on that says...

Robert & Mary Carey Spotlight: Newport, Rhode Island

For the latest Destination Spotlight that we’re sharing with you, we’re going to focus on the quintessential seaside city of Newport, Rhode Island. A favorite of ours! Known as the "Sailing Capital of the World" Newport is the essence of New England — think sandy...

Five Things To Do When Renting a Car

5 Things to Do When Renting a Car Car rental seems fairly-straight forward. Borrow a car for a certain amount of time and pay its use. Decide whether or not you'll fill up the tank upon returning the vehicle. Done, right? No. Questions like extra insurance, refueling,...

You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Travel

There's nothing worse than a canceled flight. Regardless of the reason, to have your travel plans changed through circumstances outside your control can be frustrating — even infuriating — and you start wondering what you're supposed to do next. Most airline passenger...

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