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At the heart of Travelpro® is a man who knew more about travel than most anyone in the world.  A Northwest Airlines 747 pilot, Bob Plath had crisscrossed the globe a thousand times over, suitcase in tow. Continuing his legacy and passion for discovery, we at Travelpro® want to accompany you on your adventures every step of the way. From finding the best bag to suit your needs to finding tips on how to make the most of your trip, we got your back. Catch up on everything travel related right here!

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Do You Need Travel Insurance For Your Vacation?

Should you get travel insurance for vacations for the next year or two? Well, yes, you should always get travel insurance if you're doing anything for more than a weekend. But given the state of upheaval in the travel industry over the last year, you should definitely...

Destination Spotlight: The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, WV

Let's Go America! As we work to get everyone comfortable and back out there traveling again, be it for leisure or business — we packed up our Travelpro luggage and kicked off the big RMWorldTravel "Let's Go America! Tour" in grand fashion with a visit to West Virginia...

Getting Ready for the Travel Boom

For over a year, people have grown accustomed to quarantine life during the pandemic. Lives were changed drastically as normal in-person tasks became digitized, and we stayed home with no possibility to travel. With President Biden's initiative to get everyone back...

Where Are Americans Planning to Vacation This Summer?

Americans are gearing up to travel for the summer and the destinations are preparing for their arrival. Americans' interest to take a vacation is rising as travelers are looking forward to much-needed summer trips. Hotels and restaurants are gearing up for travelers...

How is the Car Rental Shortage Affecting Travel Plans?

Before the pandemic, renting a car was par for the course for many business travelers and family vacations. Prices were low, or at least reasonable, and that made renting a car such a convenience. But now the car rental shortage is creating all kinds of problems for...

Take a Toe-Dip Trip for Your Next Vacation

Have you ever heard of a toe-dip trip? These are trips, usually a vacation, that aren’t as long as the regular one- and two-week vacations we're used to, but they're just long enough for you to get a handle on traveling once again. The term was originally coined by...

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