Beyond the Carry-on: Garment Bags

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Garment bags often get a bad rap for being an outdated “box on wheels” predecessor to the Rollaboard® luggage that is seen everywhere today. Not so!

We like garment bags because they offer a streamlined manner of protecting and transporting business apparel in a way that reduces wrinkling. If you travel for business, and are required to wear suits and semi-formal clothing, you may want to consider a garment bag.

For example, you can typically only pack one suit inside the suiter of a regular carry-on. But if you have several suits or jackets, the garment bag allows you to carry several business dress items virtually wrinkle free.

Travelpro Crew 11 Garment Bag

Travelpro Crew 11 Garment Bag

The Crew™ 11 collection features three models, a basic bi-fold and two sizes of rolling garment bags. As with the entire Crew™ 11 collection, all are made of high-quality ballistic nylon fabric with a Duraguard coating, and feature a large exterior pocket and metal hanger clamps to keep your garments secure. All are subjected to strenuous testing to ensure durability of all moving parts and abrasion resistance over the lifetime of the bag. A limited lifetime warranty is also standard for all three models.

The Bi-Fold has an over-the-shoulder padded strap that can be worn crossbody as well, and has a leather carrying handle. It opens like a book and features multiple accessory pockets for separating and organizing contents. A foam padded roll bar and adjustable hold down straps help prevent wrinkling.

Both the Rolling Carry-on Garment Bag and the 50″ Garment Bag feature a high-performance Rollaboard® wheel system with integrated four-point stability system that keeps the bag from tipping when fully packed and standing upright. They also feature our patented Powerscope Extension Handle which reduces wobble when fully extended. The large compartment in each has a padded roll bar and two adjustable hold-down straps for securing up to four garments, as well as compartments for folded shirts fresh from the cleaners and pants. There are also corner pockets for small essentials such as belts, socks, and toiletries.

Do you regularly travel with suits? Are you a garment bag user? What do you typically look for in a garment bag? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or in our Twitter stream.

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Never Compromise: Travelpro Platinum Magna 2 Collection Goes Above and Beyond

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Travelpro once again redefines premium travel products with the Platinum Magna 2 handsomely crafted luggage collection featuring superior fabrics and genuine leather accents. This ultra-durable 13-model series is the pinnacle of fashion, intelligent functionality and design innovation. The result is a truly luxurious offering for travelers who want the finest in quality and performance.

Platiinum Magna 2 Collection

Platiinum Magna 2 Collection

Backed by Travelpro’s Worry-Free Warranty, Platinum Magna 2 ensures a lifetime of satisfaction with Spinners, Rollaboards, Garment Bags, a Business Case and a Backpack included in the collection. This full line features 9 carry-on bags, providing many different options for today’s savvy traveler.

“As the originator of Rollaboard luggage, Travelpro has always been a leader in the travel industry,” said Scott Applebee, Vice President of Marketing for the Travelpro family of brands. “The Platinum Magna 2 Collection is a step beyond other luggage collections, making it the best of the best.”

Designed for the “Perfect Roll,” the Dual Spinner Wheels include Travelpro’s patented MagnaTrac wheel technology, a leap forward in Spinner luggage. When Platinum Magna 2 is pushed, magnets instantly align the wheels to roll straight in any direction. Most spinner luggage drifts or pulls to one side or the other, putting strain on your shoulder, arm, wrist and hand. Platinum Magna 2 tracks effortlessly wherever you want to go.

The patented Contour Grip on Spinner models provides superior ergonomic control, relieving fatigue on the shoulder, arm, hand and wrist. In combination with the patented PowerScope Extension Handle that minimizes wobble, these two features provide the traveler with the ultimate in comfort, functionality and strength.

Platiinum Magna 2 Backpack and Briefcase

Platiinum Magna 2 Backpack and Briefcase

Rugged, fashionably textured nylon fabric with DuraGuard coating features stain and abrasion resistance for greater durability, while the H2O Guard coating protects the interior lining from stains. The Platinum Magna 2 collection is available in attractive black fabric with black leather accents and olive fabric with brown leather accents.

The Carry-on Rolling Garment Bag helps keep clothes wrinkle free. The convenient split-design construction offers amazing packing capacity and multiple pockets to store clothing, cables, socks, and so much more.

The Business Brief and Backpack are fully compatible with the luggage in the collection. They include padded laptop and tablet pockets along with a business organizer for intelligent storage of quick access essentials.

About Travelpro

For over 25 years, Travelpro International has prided itself on design innovation and durability in crafting the highest quality luggage for travelers worldwide. Since transforming the ease of modern day travel with The Original Rollaboard wheeled luggage, Travelpro has been the brand of choice for flight crews and frequent travelers on every continent. The company is dedicated to building a lifelong relationship with its customers by consistently meeting and exceeding their expectations. Travelpro was honored to once again be voted as the “World’s Best Luggage” by Premier Traveler Magazine in 2014.

Please visit the Travelpro website for a full list of the latest products and retail locations. You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at @Travelprointl.

Travel Gear to Get Your College Student

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If your son or daughter is heading off/back to college this fall, you’ve likely spent the last few months in full-on preparation mode stocking up on everything from dorm décor to economy-size packages of Ramen noodles.

Before you send your college-bound kid packing, make sure they have a sturdy bag to last throughout their college years… unless you’re OK with the whole “garbage bag as luggage” deal. They’ll need something they can haul around for a trip home, for travel overseas, Spring Break, or even a weekend away.

Assuming you’re not, here are four great travel gear options for your college student:

Messenger bag

Crew 9 Backpack is great for a college student or new professional.Great for: All years
Messenger bags are a hot item right now. Not only are they trendy, but they’re also quite versatile in both form and function. A good messenger bag can do the job of a backpack and laptop bag — and because they’re also popular for young professionals, this style of bag can be used well past your student’s college years.


Great for: All years
Backpacks will never go out of style, but a cheap backpack can (and will) go out of commission. Instead of buying a new backpack for your college student every year, invest in a well-made one that will hold up from the first day of college through graduation day. Many well-made backpacks have some pretty neat features, such as iPod earphone ports and padded compartments to keep laptops or tablets safe. Plus we’re seeing these enter the workforce as more college grads continue to carry them, so we think backpacks may be the new business luggage du jour one day.

20″ Rollaboard

26 inch Tpro Bold Rolling DuffelGreat for: Seniors
Your son or daughter’s senior year in college will quite possibly be one of the busiest years of their life. On top of endless schoolwork, many students spend the last few months of their college career traveling to job interviews in other cities. A nice rolling bag will come in handy for them as they transition from student to young professional. The Travelpro 20″ Rollaboard features a padded pocket for a laptop or tablet and an efficient business organizer. A roomy compartment for clothing and personal belongings make this a great option for both trips to job interviews as well as long-awaited weekend trips home.

30″ Rolling Duffel

Great for: Freshmen
As we all know, dorm rooms are small and storage space is limited, so your new student will need luggage that can play double-duty. Rolling duffel bags are a great option for this reason. These bags are versatile and transition easily from a casual duffel bag for weekend trips home or camping excursions, to sturdy rolling luggage for spring break vacations. A sturdy rolling duffel bag is an essential item that your college freshman will be able to use all the way through their senior year.

While these bags are great options for college-bound kids, they work well for travelers of all ages. After all, why should your kids have all the fun?! Now that your son or daughter is packing up and leaving, you may want to do some traveling of your own…

Travelpro Showcases New Products at NBA Trainers and Equipment Manager Tradeshows

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In late May, Travelpro showcased its new Platinum® 7 and Executive Pro™ collections at the National Basketball Association Trainers and Equipment Manager Tradeshows in Chicago. With over 40 road games each season, professional basketball players, coaches and scouts need luggage that they can rely on for a no-worry travel experience.

Travelpro Rolling Garment Bag Black

The Platinum 7 Rolling Garment Bag

The new Platinum 7 50” Expandable Rolling Garment bag was a big hit. With the large spacious interior and patented padded foam bar to reduce wrinkles, it is the ideal bag to store the tall suits of players and coaches. With a hangar clamp on each end, this expansive bag can hold six to eight suits.

The trainers and equipment managers were also impressed with the 30” Drop Bottom Rolling Duffel from the Platinum line. It features two cavernous compartments for flexible packing options. In addition to casual clothing, this duffel can effectively store many large-sized shoes for long road trips.

Travelpro Rolling Duffel

Travelpro Platinum 7 Rolling Duffel

Ideal for coaches, scouts and the teams’ media, the lightweight Executive Pro Checkpoint Friendly briefcases were very well received. The combination of checkpoint friendly (do not have to remove the computer through airport security), intelligent storage compartments and a padded laptop sleeve that holds most 17” laptops were valued features to make travel easier.

Last season, Travelpro provided luggage and business cases to ten professional basketball teams.

Refreshed Garment Bag Makes a Comeback

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Spend any time in an airport or hotel, and you’ll see streams of little rolling bags being dragged through concourses and lobbies. But as any veteran business or leisure traveler knows, a normal suitcase can present some drawbacks. The trickiest? Packing beautifully pressed suits or business outfits without wrinkling them.

Inevitably, by the time you arrive at your destination, your once neatly pressed clothing require ironing in a hotel room or a trip to the dry cleaners—if you have time.

Crew 8 Rolling Garment Bag

Crew 8 Rolling Garment Bag

So whatever happened to the garment bag? For a generation or so, this wider luggage style was a popular choice for business travelers who wanted to avoid the risk of wrinkling. It also provided more room to pack more stuff, from business paraphernalia to recreational gear.

Inexplicably, the garment bag fell out of favor as uprights proliferated airports—that is, until recently. Frequent travelers are rediscovering the advantages of the garment bag, and why it may be the perfect travel companion for weeklong business trips or long weekend getaways.

Like today’s ubiquitous rolling uprights, most new garment bags come with inline skate wheels and roll behind you. The higher quality bags have sturdy telescoping handles, with ergonomic comfort grips, that extend to multiple stops of 38 inches and 43 inches to accommodate taller travelers. This refreshed garment bag has never been easier to move around.

Non-rolling models tend to be lighter than a rolling bag, since they don’t require wheels, handles and frames. But you have to sling those wheel-less bags over your shoulder, an unwanted load on sore backs.

The expandable rolling garment bag is the most popular style today. This convenient, practical model features one or two hanging wally racks and a couple inside shoe toiletry pockets. It expands as much as 2 1/2 inches, providing roughly one-quarter to one-third more packing space.

Garment bags come in all sizes too. Today’s 20-inch to 24-inch carry-on models give you extra packing space, yet fit easily into overhead compartments. At the other end of the scale, 50-inch rolling garment bags are not only enormous pieces of luggage, but they also come equipped with all the bells and whistles.

In these super deluxe bags, features matter. Many have a convenient trolley device fitted to accommodate closet hangers. Extra-wide straps are designed to secure clothing and minimize wrinkling during travel. The high-end bags feature three outside zippered pockets. Extra large interior pockets are ideal to store shoes, electronics and other bulky items. In one top brand, we found a secret hidden pocket that tucks underneath the lining, plus a stowaway pocket, located between the struts, to save space.

In all sizes, the best of the breed are built tough to last the rigors of the road. Made of durable water-resistant nylon fabrics, they shrug off the rough and tumble of modern travel, and prevent staining, moisture intrusion and tearing.

All these wonderful modern features aside, the main benefit of the garment bag is the same as it has always been: to keep clothes flat, wrinkle-free and tidy during transport. Once again, it is emerging as an essential bag for the frequent traveler.

Durable, lightweight garment bags and luggage have been the hallmark of Travelpro®, the preferred choice of pilots and flight crews worldwide. In the U.S., Travelpro also provides deluxe garment bags to many of the NBA basketball teams. Visit the Travelpro website to see our different luggage collections.

Finding The Best Luggage

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With the wide range of premium quality luggage available, do you wonder which bag is right for you? It all comes down to your preferences, which are usually based on how often you travel, the type of trips you take and your budget. The first step is to review the styles available.

Roll-Aboards: With models available throughout Travelpro’s collections, rollaboards range from carry-on to larger check-in sizes. Carry-on size bags will fit in the aircraft’s overhead bin and help eliminate the cost of checking your bags at departure, and the headache of retrieving them upon arrival. In the U.S. a carry-on bag must measure no more than 45 linear inches (the sum of the bag’s length, width and height). Larger size bags are great for long/extended trips.

Travelpro’s innovation that revolutionized travel worldwide, wheeled upright luggage allows you to pack for a week without having to carry the weight on your shoulders. Today’s rollaboards, or rolling uprights, feature inline skate wheels and a telescoping handle.

Business & Laptop Cases: If you’re a business traveler, you’ll appreciate the fact that Travelpro’s line of nylon business and laptop cases are lighter and more durable than leather cases. They store and protect laptops, private documents and other business materials.

All Travelpro cases meet carry on size restrictions and many are available in rolling models. Many new cases are also “Checkpoint Friendly,” eliminating the need to remove the laptop from the case as it’s scanned at airport security.

Totes: Smaller bags which are ideal for outings and overnight trips, also make an excellent companion piece for longer trips. Travelpro Totes are available in several styles, some with shoulder straps and some in rolling models.

Duffels: These durable, soft-sided bags provide both capacity and convenience on long trips. They are available in rolling or non-rolling styles and in carry-on or check-through sizes.

Garment Bags: Considered portable closets, Travelpro garment bags are popular with travelers who want to keep their suits, dresses, and other clothing wrinkle-free. Garment bags are available in both rolling and non-rolling versions, and in carry-on and check-through sizes.

Whatever your travel plans, whatever your luggage needs, Travelpro has the bag to suit you. You can check out our website, or use Travelpro’s Retailer Locator to find a retailer near you.

Travelpro Platinum® 6 22” Vertical Garments 2 Go

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When the going gets tough, you need to get going. For those of you road runners, the 22” Vertical Garments 2 Go is just what you need. The Garments 2 Go features a dual packing system, the front compartment packs like a garment bag and the back compartment is just like a traditional packing suitcase. When you are an “on the go” kind of person, an efficient way to pack is a must.

The Travelpro Platinum® 6 22” Vertical Garments 2 Go highlights a new, flat, folding, Add-a-Bag attachment system and high polished chrome accents. For convenience the 22” Vertical Garments 2 Go has a mesh clothing retention system, and Ergonomic, soft-touch, low-profile top and side carry handle grips.

The Garments 2 Go is 9″ W by 14″L by 22″ H and has Duratex® Ballistic Nylon with Teflon® coating and H2O Guard protective coating on the interior lining, the 22” Vertical Garments 2 Go strolls on removable, polyurethane bonded, and sealed bearing wheels.

The Travelpro Platinum® 6 22” Vertical Garments 2 Go commonly retails for $389.99. Use Travelpro’s Retailer Locator at to find the closest Travelpro retailer to you.

Which Travelpro® Bag Is Right For You?

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Which Travelpro® bag is right for you? With our ever-expanding range of premium quality luggage, it’s not an easy question. Maybe a review of Travelpro’s product line will help you decide.

Totes: Smaller bags that are ideal for outings and overnight trips, and also make an excellent companion piece for longer trips. Travelpro Totes are available in countless styles, some with shoulder straps and some with extendable handles with wheels.

Uprights: Travelpro’s innovation that revolutionized travel worldwide: wheeled Rollaboard® luggage allows you to pack for a week without having to carry the weight of your packed bag. Today’s rollaboards or rolling uprights feature high quality, sealed ball bearing wheels and a telescoping handle with multiple stops to accommodate users of different heights.

Many styles expand by as much as 35% for additional packing space. Constructed with lightweight yet durable frames and fabrics, these upright bags enable travelers to pack more while staying under airline weight restrictions.

Carry-Ons: With models available throughout Travelpro’s entire line, “carry-on” bags are small enough to fit in the aircraft’s overhead bin or underneath your seat. The largest that can be taken on a U.S. domestic flight is the 22” carry-on bag, measuring a maximum of 45 linear inches (the sum of the bag’s length, width and height). On most international flights, the carry-on length limit is usually 20 inches. Travelpro has wide variety of sizes available for every type of traveler.

Duffels: These durable, soft-sided bags provide both capacity and convenience on long trips . They are available in carry-on or check-through sizes, with or without wheels and extension handles.

Garment Bags: Considered portable closets, Travelpro garment bags are popular with savvy travelers who want to keep their suits, dresses, and other clothing wrinkle-free. Garment bags are available in both rollable and non-rolling versions, and in carry-on and check-through sizes.

Business & Laptop Cases: Successful business people appreciate the fact that Travelpro’s line of ballistic nylon business and laptop cases are lighter and more durable than leather cases. You can keep your most private documents and laptop computer protected – and do it with a sense of style. All are available with wide, comfortable shoulder straps or extendable handles with wheels. Many new cases are also “Checkpoint Friendly,” eliminating the need to remove the laptop from the case is it’s scanned at airport security.

So, which Travelpro bag is right for you? The choice is yours.

Travelpro Platinum® 6 Deluxe Garment Bag (Carry-on)

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When luxury is key, the carry on Travelpro Platinum® 6 Deluxe Garment Bag is a bare necessity. We all have those times when we wished our carry-on had an extra pocket or twelve. The Travelpro Platinum 6 Deluxe Garment Bag does.

This 5.1 pound, Travelpro Platinum® 6 Deluxe Garment Bag is 8″ W by 22″L by 19″ H and has Duratex® Ballistic Nylon with Teflon® coating. The carry on Deluxe Garment Bag also has a fully lined interior with H2O Guard protective coating.

Go ahead and indulge during your commute, the Deluxe Garment Bag has a removable shoulder strap with non-skid material, a removable door hanger hook, a metal wally clamp, and padded foam bars for virtually wrinkle-free packing. A removable extension panel allows you to store longer garments if needed.

This bag features a large front pocket, ticket pocket and multiple interior zippered accessory pockets. To stroll luxuriously to your destination, this bag also contains a Quick Loop on back of the bag for attaching to Rollaboards. Easy storing and access to your belongings is key with the Deluxe Garment Bag.

The Travelpro Platinum® 6 Deluxe Garment Bag commonly retails for $269.99. Use Travelpro’s Retailer Locator at to find the closest Travelpro retailer to you.

Why Should I Use A Rolling Garment Bag?

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Travelpro has always encouraged a “less is more” approach to travel.

We constantly look for ways to reduce the size and weight of our Rollaboard® luggage, and continually educate our customers on how to travel lighter and smarter.

So where do Travelpro’s spacious garment bags and Rollaboard suiters fit within this philosophy?

They fit quite well, thank you. The way a finely tailored suit and a stylish evening gown fit into a removable suiter sleeve.

Though we encourage travelers to “pack light”, we recognize that certain destinations not only require formal wear, but may or may not have irons and ironing boards available. Enter Travelpro’s comprehensive line of garment bags and Rollaboard suiters.

The key to traveling with a large wardrobe is intelligent luggage design and capacity. Most of our products offer roomy main compartments which expand 2 1/2″, maximizing space and packing flexibility. Our check-in size expandable bags can easily accommodate a week’s worth of clothing and belongings. Some Travelpro® brand Rollaboards and garment bags also feature a removable suit sleeve and patented foam bar which minimizes the wrinkling of dresses, suits and other formal wear.

If your travel wear is more casual, the suit sleeve also accommodates shirts, pants and other outfits while keeping them wrinkle-free.

Travelpro Rollaboard luggage also features many side pockets. Use them to store small items, such as belts and portable electronics, that can wrinkle clothing. And don’t forget to utilize the top lid to store shirts and other folded garments.

As Travelpro CEO Rob Rankin demonstrates in this video (filmed on the red carpet at the Academy Awards), common sense plays a major role in effective packing. Place heavy objects, such as shoes and toiletry kits, on the bottom of the main storage compartment, then arrange your garments on top. Pack your formal wear properly in the suit sleeve (positioning your jackets with the lapels down), and secure your clothing with the interior tie-down straps to prevent shifting – and wrinkling – in transit.

Travelpro garment bags and rollaboard suiters will streamline your travel experience, regardless of the size of your travel wardrobe.

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