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Destination Spotlight: Colorado Springs

About an hour south of Denver is a place with a considerably different vibe — Colorado Springs. Perhaps you’ve visited Denver or maybe even the ski areas of Vail, Breckenridge, or Aspen in Colorado? Well, located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado Springs...

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How to Be an Expert Traveler in Major Cities

If you're wandering around your own town or city, you can usually spot someone from out of town pretty quickly. They're the ones who are not following the common rules of the area. They're stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to discuss what to do next. They're...

Road Warrior
How Women Travelers Can Protect Themselves on the Road

Women who frequently travel are often concerned about their personal safety and security, which can sometimes give them pause about where and when they travel. In a recent article for Entrepreneur magazine, contributor Kim Albrecht suggests several ways in which women...

Travel Tips
6 Things to Do When Booking a Trip in 2021

Booking a trip in 2021 is looking a bit different than it did a year ago. Travel companies have changed some of their policies to accommodate travelers who want to still travel abroad, and federal, state, and local governments have relaxed and revoked many of their...

6 Ways to be a Great Vacation Rental Guest

Staying in a vacation rental should be a fun and relaxing experience. You're on vacation, you're getting out of the house, and you get to enjoy yourself. But if you're not staying in a hotel where everything is taken care of for you, you may not be sure about the...

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