Oprah has access to a lot of travel experts, and we hear she’s spent a bit traveling herself. So it only makes sense that she and her staff would put together a fantastic list of tips from the folks who know how to do travel right. We read the article and chose some of our favorite tips. Have a look:

Get great deals on a hotel

English: Eastbourne Travel Lodge Formerly the ...

Eastbourne Travel Lodge, formerly the Albany Hotel.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oprah’s article actually has two recommendations: The first is to find accommodations in business districts on the weekend because the rates will be much cheaper. You may have to travel a little to get where you want to be, but it could be worth it.
Second, call the local number for the hotel where you want to stay, not the 800 number. The article says those 800 numbers are often clearinghouses that charge more for rooms. And, if you call the local hotel, you can find a room that suits your needs perfectly.

Score cheaper midweek flights

When one airline puts up a sale on their website at the beginning of the week, most other airlines will follow suit by Tuesday or Wednesday — wait until then to shop around and guarantee the best rates for your flight.

Make packing lists of essentials

Create lists of essential items to pack for each type of trip you might take, and leave them in your suitcase for easy access. You can edit the lists every time you travel, adding things you wish you’d thought of and removing things you really didn’t need.

Knock out motion sickness

Oprah’s staff recommends carrying 1,000-mg dried ginger root pills to pop four hours before setting sail on a cruise; it’s supposed to keep you from getting sick on board.
But ginger doesn’t agree with everyone — including one TravelPro staffer — so we prefer the Austin House product Motion-Less. It’s a wristband that’s designed to help control nausea from motion sickness and inner-ear imbalances when you travel.

Eat like a local

If you’re in an English-speaking destination, go straight to the source and ask a local about their favorite spots. If you don’t speak the language, simply avoid restaurants with English menus. And never ask the hotel front desk or concierge for recommendations. The article says restaurants often give incentives for hotel staff to recommend them.

Load up on yogurt

Yogurt is a great way to keep your systems balanced and fend off foreign bacteria as your body adjusts to your new surroundings. It also provides plenty of protein and a bit of fat, which makes it a super-healthy alternative to…pretty much anything else you might find around for tourists to snack on.