Health Advice for Regular Air Travelers

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If you fly often, you might feel yourself starting to get run down after a busy week of travel. It’s a lot harder to take care of yourself when you’re on the road…you don’t have all the familiar trappings of home: your bed, your kitchen, your gym.

But there are ways to stay active and healthy when you’re traveling. I should know — I’ve struggled with a lot of the same health concerns other frequent business travelers do: exercise and diet. Here are a few tips to help you live healthier on the go as a business traveler:


I’m not talking about doing jumping jacks in the aisles or crunches in the lavatory. But there are plenty of ways to keep active during a busy day of travel beyond running from one delayed flight to another.

The security line is a great place to start: Do little stretches or neck rolls while you’re waiting to get through TSA. And before your flight, instead of sitting at the gate checking your BlackBerry, take a quick walk around the terminal if you have time.

Deep-vein thrombosis, also called “economy class syndrome,” can cause deadly blood clots in travelers on long flights. Keeping moving as much as possible — even in those cramped quarters of the airplane — will help you avoid things like this. When the captain turns off the “Fasten Seat Belts” light, use that freedom to move about the cabin. Even getting up to grab something from the overhead compartment or walking back to the lavatory makes an important difference.

Common culinary fruits.

You don’t have to eat all this stuff, but one or two pieces on the way to the airport would help. (Image via Wikipedia)


If you’re in a morning rush at the airport, even if the bulk of your meal is a Danish or huge cup of coffee, sneak in an apple, orange or banana at breakfast when you can — these are fairly easy to find in most airports. Same goes for salads at lunch. Adding in healthier options like fruits, vegetables and whole grains is more important than completely overhauling the way you eat when you travel. Nobody’s perfect!

If you find yourself hitting the airport convenience store on a regular basis for chips or candy bars, consider saving a little extra money and cutting unnecessary calories by keeping a little stock of granola bars, energy bars, fruit bars, or other healthy on-the-go snacks when a craving hits.

One final note: Planes are notoriously dry — with a humidity level of 10 to 20 percent, much lower than typical indoor humidity of 30 to 65 percent — and staying hydrated is so important. You may not be able to bring full bottles of water through security anymore, but there are ways around this. Bring an empty refillable bottle in your carry-on. Buy a bottle at the convenience store or terminal Starbucks. Ask for water instead of coffee or soda during your flight’s beverage service.


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  1. Cam says: has great tips for gntiteg rid of Airplane Body and working out in a hotel room and on the road.