Travelpro Is In The New York Times

October 8, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

We were recently published in the New York Times (Joe Sharkey’s “On the Road” column: Reinventing the Suitcase by Adding the Wheel).

It was 40 years ago that Bernard Sadow invented the first rolling suitcase, taking some casters from a rolling wardrobe and putting them on a large travel suitcase. Although acceptance was slow at first, the product eventually took off and it paved the way for Robert Plath, a pilot for Northwest Airlines, to invent the first Rollaboard® carry-on bag, which was quickly embraced by airline pilots and flight attendants. Robert Plath left Northwest and moved on to found Travelpro, where he began to design and manufacture Rollaboard luggage for all travelers.

Since then, Travelpro has grown to be a leader in the luggage industry, helping business and leisure travelers get from Point A to Point B with comfort and ease. While our primary focus is making our customers happy, we can’t help but feel good when someone like the The New York Times mentions us in one of their articles.

So, like Joe Sharkey, we want to salute Bernard Sadow for paving the way for people like Robert Plath and companies like Travelpro.

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