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At the heart of Travelpro® is a man who knew more about travel than most anyone in the world.  A Northwest Airlines 747 pilot, Bob Plath had crisscrossed the globe a thousand times over, suitcase in tow. Continuing his legacy and passion for discovery, we at Travelpro® want to accompany you on your adventures every step of the way. From finding the best bag to suit your needs to finding tips on how to make the most of your trip, we got your back. Catch up on everything travel related right here!

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The Cans and Can’ts of Online Check-In for Your Next Flight

Online check-in was created to offer passengers the ability to check in for their flight, in advance, from virtually anywhere up to 24 hours in advance. It requires a bit of basic information (your name and booking confirmation number), and can either happen on your...

The Best Tools to Plan Your Next Road Trip

Remember the old days, when you planned a road trip with a map and a cautious hope that there would be gas stations and restaurants along the way? Even when my family and I would drive back home to visit family, I was relying on past knowledge of the route that we...

How to Avoid Having Your Passport Stolen

A stolen passport presents a problem for the individual who lost it but can have bigger issues surrounding national security. They are the biggest target of identity theft and have been linked to major crimes including drugs, illegal travel, and even terrorism. In...

Robert & Mary Carey Spotlight: Phoenix, Arirzona

We are pleased to publish this blog article from Robert & Mary Carey of the RMWorldTravel radio program. Robert and Mary will provide us monthly blog articles covering their different favorite travel destinations. This month, they’re taking a look at Phoenix, Arizona....

How to Check for Hidden Cameras in Your Hotel Room or Vacation Rental

It doesn’t happen very often. In fact, it rarely happens at all — not enough to make us stop traveling. Still, you hear the occasional story about hidden cameras being found in a hotel room, vacation rental, office space, or Airbnb rental. So while you don’t have to...

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