You’ve just found out from your boss that you’re being sent on your first business trip. Don’t panic — we’re here to help! Here are several tips we’ve compiled from our veteran road warriors to get you off on the right foot as you learn the ropes.

First, plan your trip according to your company’s policies. If you have an internal travel agent, make sure you connect with them to get your flights and hotels booked. If you need to handle this yourself, that’s a bonus! Investigate which airlines go where you need to go and consider becoming a loyalty member. There are numerous online reviews that will provide you with details about seat width, legroom, and on-time records.

Pick an airline that will become your favorite over your business travel career.

A few things to consider: Try to pick an airline that you will make your favorite, since you could be flying with them for years. And don’t always pick the cheapest airlines out there. Some of them are the cheapest for a reason.

Download the carrier’s mobile app so you can check-in online and have your boarding pass right on your phone. Going paperless means you have one less thing to manage. The app will also alert you to any changes in your flight’s status.

If this is the first of what will become many business trips, invest in TSA’s PreCheck. It’s only $85, and it lasts for 5 years. That’s $17 per year of not wasting unnecessary time standing in the security lines.

Let’s talk accommodations. You’ll need to consider proximity. Why? Time is money, and while a hotel farther away from your meeting may save you $10, you may spend $30 in transportation costs, obliterating that savings and costing you time and energy. You can become a member of a hotel chain as well and accumulate points for future stays. More about that in a minute.

Now you need to think about your luggage. Again, if this is the first of many trips, think carefully about the luggage you’ll use.

First, it needs to be both durable and lightweight, and those characteristics are core to the Travelpro® brand. The Travelpro Crew™ 11 Collection was created specifically for business travelers. It features many business traveler friendly features, the newest of which is an external USB port on select models for on-demand charging of your mobile devices. It also features MagnaTrac™ self-aligning wheels (Spinner models only), an incredibly lightweight yet sturdy honeycomb frame, and a patented Powerscope extension handle, all of which make for easy maneuvering through the airport.

The Crew™ Executive Choice™ 2 Collection features a backpack, wheeled brief and briefcase with RFID protection, padded laptop and tablet sleeves as well as a business organizer. The backpack and wheeled brief also provide a compartment large enough to pack clothing and essentials for an overnight trip.

Once you determine whether you’ll need suits or business casual attire, check out the various packing methods. You can roll, stack, bundle, or use Travelpro’s Suiter system, which is designed to get your professional attire to your destination practically wrinkle-free.

We hope these tips will set you up for success as you embark on your business travel experience.

And what about you business travel experts? Do you have any tips for our newbie business travelers? (Or do our new travelers have any questions?) Share them with us in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or in our Twitter stream.

Photo credit: dimitrisvetsikas1969 (Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain)