Want to know how the “other half” lives and travels? Delta wants you to, too. This summer, the airline proudly unveiled extensive renovations of Terminal 5 in LAX, the world’s fifth busiest airport. Their renovations were part of an $8 billion overall renovation of LAX.

The refurbishments include upgraded food and beverage offerings, extensive improvements to its Sky Club, new jet bridges, an expanded ticketing lobby, four additional security checkpoints, new baggage claim carousels, and international baggage recheck facilities. But Delta made sure got the most press was its new Delta ONE lounge.

The theme restaurant and control tower at Los ...

The theme restaurant and control tower at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Delta ONE is the airline’s first premium check-in lounge with a dedicated entrance and security accessible from the private lounge.

In other words, it’s paparazzi-proof.

The 3,200-square-foot space boasts high-end furnishings and amenities, such as a refreshment bar, two restrooms, check-in kiosks, two seating areas (with comfortable chairs that aren’t soldered to the chair next to it), and a service desk created by MotoArt and fashioned from the tail of a DC9 jet.

It is expected to service 150 to 200 passengers a day — travelers Delta counts (and there are 360 of them) as its top tier, highest revenue generating customers. Translation: rich and famous folks.

Those who purchase Delta’s VIP Select service will be eligible to use the lounge, which is just the first of such Delta ONE lounges to be constructed in New York, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, and Seattle. Other hub cities are expected to be added to the list. Also available as part of the Select service is the hiring of a Porsche to meet the plane on the tarmac and escort the passenger and his luggage off the airport grounds.

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