A decade ago, the average traveler wouldn’t even dream of having access to wifi as a standard in-flight amenity. And let’s be honest — the first time we were able to log onto the internet from 30,000 feet above the earth was pretty exciting! However, now that the novelty of being able to update your Facebook page from the sky has tapered off, are the majority of travelers willing to pay a bit extra for this feature?

According to a December article on Mashable.com, the answer is no. In fact, according to a Qualtrics survey, only about 25% of the 1,100 consumers surveyed stated that in-flight amenities such as snacks, beverages, in-flight entertainment – and yes, wifi — are important to their overall travel experience. So what is important to travelers? The answer isn’t too surprising.

English: New interior on Delta Air Lines' Boeing

English: New interior on Delta Air Lines’ Boeing 737-800 fleet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Low ticket prices.

According to the article, Qualtrics CMO Dani Wanderer, said, “If airlines are really listening to their customers, cost is what matters most. Airlines can spare the bells and whistles of other perks, and bring the savings right to their customers.”

In fact, the same Qualtrics study found that for roughly 55% of consumers, lower fares aren’t just important — they are actually the single most important factor they consider when booking air travel. Taking into account the wide array of fees that many airlines are now charging, consumers are becoming even more price conscious than ever before.

So much so, that more and more consumers are using websites that aggregate flights from major airlines in order to shop the best deal, consumers are less likely to buy based on brand name and more likely to simply go with the best price.

While there is still a core group of travelers that enjoy added in-flight amenities — particularly on long flights — it appears that the majority of consumers value budget over added perks like wifi. We’d love to hear from you – are you willing to pay a bit extra per ticket for in-flight wifi, or is overall ticket price the most important factor?