Packing Smart For Your Trip

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Beyond the good sense you demonstrate by traveling with Travelpro rollaboards, there are a number of things to keep in mind as you pack.

Kate Mortell published an excellent and entertaining list of packing pointers entitled “How To Pack Smart” which recently appeared at Highlights included:

The Crew 8 Suiter from Travelpro

Crew 8 Suiter

  • Never check any valuables. Luggage gets opened after it is out of sight, and it takes just one dishonest bag handler to put your valuables at risk.
  • Don’t put cash in your luggage. See # 1.
  • Carry essentials on the plane with you. Absolute essentials might include medication, contact lens solution, make-up, a clean pair of underwear.
  • If you are traveling with a partner, discuss your joint luggage strategy. If you must use two bags, there are two methods of packing with a partner. One, each person can pack all their clothes in their own suitcase. Two, each person can pack some clothes in each bag. I like separate bags because I stay more organized. But, if a bag gets lost, one person will have no clothes and the other will have all their clothes. Method Two balances out the risk of lost luggage.
  • Stick to one base color for your wardrobe. All my tops can go with either a brown or black base. Pants, skirts, shoes and purse should be only one of the base colors. Mix-and-match outfits will be a breeze, if you don’t stray from the foundation color. Bring at least one black and one white t-shirt. Dress them up with a skirt and jewelry for the evening.
  • Lay all clothes you are considering on the bed before you put them in the suitcase. Count the days you will be gone, plus the evenings you will go out. Count your outfits. The same number? Then that’s too many. Exception: do not skimp on underwear. Always throw in a couple of more pairs than the number of days you will be gone.
  • If shopping is on your destination agenda, save room in your suitcase. If you must sit on your suitcase to close it, it is too full. If you plan major shopping, consider packing an empty soft duffel-type bag in the larger bag to carry home your purchases.
  • Pack shoes in plastic grocery bags.Avoid getting your clothes dirty from the bottoms of your shoes. Shoe bags can be purchased for this very purpose, but why? It seems wasteful–a reused grocery bag works just as well.
  • Assume that anything that can leak, will leak. I am a fan of the Ziploc. Pack anything not solid in them, especially goopy stuff like sunscreen. I learned this lesson the hard way and I learned it many times. Once, I had an aerosol hairspray spray its entire contents inside my suitcase.
  • Pack a few remedies for unexpected ailments and accidents. My toiletry bag includes a few Band-aids, Immodium, Tums, etc. Feel good and enjoy your trip.


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  1. This is some great information on packing tips. Will be sure to implement them on my next trip.