If you’re wondering whether the airlines are going to drop those checked baggage fees, a recent article in the Chicago Tribune tells us that, no, they’re not.

From July to September of last year, the airlines took in over $900 million in checked baggage fees (a 23% increase over the same period in 2009). Most airlines now depend on this ample revenue source to offset rising fuel costs and fluctuating airfares.

One prominent carrier, Southwest Airlines, doesn’t charge these fees and is aggressively promoting that fact as part of their overall marketing campaign. But don’t look for other carriers to adopt Southwest’s approach any time soon.

These fees vary by airline, and are typically $20 – $30 for the first bag checked. Higher fees are charged for additional bags, often twice the amount of the initial bag.

If your bag weighs more than 50 pounds, you’re subject to an overweight fee which is based on how many pounds the bag is “over.” Many airlines also assess oversized fees for luggage that have a combined length, width and girth exceeding 45 inches.

So what can you do to avoid these fees? Fly with Travelpro® Rollaboard® luggage, of course.

Travelpro has been serving the needs of business travelers and vacationers for decades, and we’ve developed a wide range of carry-on luggage that reduces not only baggage costs, but user fatigue and airport hassles as well. We offer carry-on sized Rollaboards, rolling duffel bags, totes, rolling totes, business cases and garment bags.

Constructed of state-of-the-art materials, our lightweight luggage is not only much easier to transport through airports, it is easier to carry on the airplane itself. In the United States, depending on the plane type, airlines generally allow travelers to carry on bags measuring 22″ in length (20″ on international flights).

Travelpro offers many carry-on models that meet these size restrictions, eliminating checked baggage fees and the headache of retrieving your luggage upon arrival. Plus, the carry-on’s light weight and side, top and bottom carry handles make them easier to lift into and out of the overhead bins.

In addition, Travelpro products are extremely durable. Any manufacturer can offer a bag that doesn’t weigh much. The challenge is to provide a lightweight bag that stands up to constant baggage handling and crowded conveyer systems worldwide. As our lifetime warranty demonstrates, we’ve more than met that challenge.

Checked baggage fees are likely here to stay. Fortunately, so is Travelpro carry-on luggage.