Travelpro® Rollaboard® Luggage Obvious Choice for “Up in the Air” Movie

July 29, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

When you’re filming a movie about the ultimate frequent flier which stars George Clooney, only A-List props will do.

And when Clooney played a corporate downsizing expert who travels 322 days per year and prides himself on quickly and effortlessly navigating airports, his rollaboard luggage must be the best the industry has to offer.

Which is why Travelpro was contacted to provide its state-of-the-art luggage for the Oscar nominated blockbuster movie “Up In The Air.”

Recognizing that checking bags add an average of 35 minutes to each flight (not to mention the $20 – $25 checked bag fee), Clooney’s character, Ryan Bingham, chose to carry-on his Travelpro® Crew Rollaboard luggage, which accommodated everything he needed for his endless business trips.

As a professional traveler, Bingham used Travelpro Crew luggage that featured sealed ball-bearing wheels and a locking retractable handle system to streamline his commute through an endless number of terminals and hotel lobbies. As he prepared for the next leg of his many trips, he enjoyed the benefit of wrinkle-free packing with his removable suiter.

Bingham’s fellow “road warrior” and love interest in the film, Alex Goran (played by Vera Farmiga) preferred the fashionable Platinum® 6 carry-on which features beautiful chrome accents and lustrous two-tone ballistic nylon fabric coated with Teflon®.

In one the film’s funniest scenes, Bingham mentored Junior Executive Natalie Keener (played by Anna Kendrick) on the art of packing for a business trip. At the airport, Natalie was forced to replace her antiquated suitcase and remove a large number of unessential items. She was escorted to the Travelpro luggage store by Ryan Bingham where she purchased a new Platinum 6 carry-on. Then she received a lesson on how to properly pack her remaining garments by the master himself.

An expertly packed rollaboard carry-on became one of the film’s key characters.

For over two decades, Travelpro has prided itself on design innovation and durability in crafting the highest quality luggage for travelers across the globe. Since transforming the ease of modern day travel with The Original Rollaboard® wheeled luggage, Travelpro has been the brand of choice for flight crews and frequent travelers worldwide.