Five Tips For Avoiding Baggage Problems

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Arriving at your destination with your bags intact and containing everything you packed is every air traveler’s goal.

The Travel Goods Association recently published an article featuring tips for accomplishing that goal. Among their recommendations were:

  1. Avoid putting the following in checked baggage:
    • Valuables (cash, jewelry). Don’t rely on suitcase locks; they are easily defeated.
    • Critical items (medicine, keys, passport, tour vouchers, business papers).
    • Irreplaceable items (manuscript, heirlooms).
    • Fragile items (camera, eyeglasses, glass containers). If these must be checked, wrap them carefully in padding.
    • Perishables.
  2. If you wish to lock your bags, see for information on locks that security personnel can open and then re-lock. If you use an unapproved lock and your bag is selected for inspection, the security staff will break the lock if necessary.
  3. Don’t overpack checked bags. This puts pressure on the latches, making it easier for them to spring open.
  4. Put a tag on the outside of your baggage with your name, home address, and home and work phone numbers.
  5. When carrying on luggage, always check with the airline for any limits it has on the size, weight, or number of carry-on bags. There is no single federal standard, although Travelpro® luggage is made to fit most airlines’ standards.

The issue of not packing valuables and other irreplaceable items in checked baggage has become trickier since the airlines began assessing fees for checked bags. These fees have prompted more passengers to carry on their luggage, often outstripping overhead bin capacity, especially when the plane is full.

This has resulted in increased requests by worried airline gate personnel for travelers to “gate check” (the checking of a bag at the gate just prior to boarding) their Rollaboard® luggage to proactively address the lack of overhead bin space.

From the airlines’ perspective, lack of overhead bin space causes potential conflict between passengers and slow boarding. Obviously, a passenger who planned to carry on their valuables may by faced with the prospect of their prized possessions being stowed in the baggage compartment.

The best approach for avoiding unplanned gate checks is to either leave your valuables at home, or pack them in a small carry-on that will easily fit under your seat (avoiding the congested overhead bins altogether).The challenges of air travel never cease. Staying informed (and equipped with Travelpro Rollaboards) is the best way to meet those challenges.

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Top Five Features Of Seniors’ Luggage

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The good news: You’re going to visit your grandchildren. The bad news: First, you must navigate a congested terminal, a frantic security checkpoint, and a crowded airplane with bags in tow.

Welcome to the world of senior travel. Travelpro is here to help, with a comprehensive offering of lightweight rolling luggage designed to meet the unique needs of elderly travelers.

So, what five features do senior travelers look for in luggage?

Lightweight Construction: Travelpro® Rollaboard® luggage features a strong, lightweight honeycomb framing system and long-lasting, durable nylon fabric. Our carry-ons are light enough for older travelers to lift into airplane overhead storage compartments, and larger, checked baggage is light enough to accommodate all needed belongings (including gifts for the grandkids) without exceeding airline weight restrictions and incurring overweight fees.

Easy Grip Handles: Travelpro rolling luggage comes with soft comfort grip handles that are easy on hands of any age. The Travelpro extension and carry handles simplify lifting and pulling, which makes it easier to get from point A to point B.

Ergonomic Design: All Travelpro models feature high tensile strength zipper pulls that make opening and closing easier. Plus, all rollaboard luggage features a telescoping handle system which extends to accommodate people of varying heights. This allows travelers of different heights to adjust their bags to comfortable angles as they pull them through busy terminals.

Multi-Functionality: Travelpro rollaboards offer many unique features that enhance their usefulness. Most models are expandable, providing an extra 2.5″ of storage space, and many feature a removable suit sleeve with padded foam bars to reduce wrinkles for suits, dresses and pants during travel. Some of the bags include a versatile Suitfolder and Packing Board System to neatly fold suits and dresses as well as using the packing board to separate His from Hers, clean from worn clothes and shoes from toiletries.

Length of Trip Determines Amount of Luggage: When seniors take long trips, they obviously need to pack more items than a Travelpro carry-on will hold. Checking a larger (24″ – 28″) Expandable Rollaboard that contains most belongings, and carrying on a small rolling tote containing essentials is an effective “multi-bag” approach for many travelers when convenience and ease of use is an issue.

Wrestling poorly designed, and outdated luggage through airports is a waste of senior travelers’ energy and time, so don’t burden yourself with old, heavy bags for your next trip.

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