Beyond the Carry-on: Garment Bags

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Garment bags often get a bad rap for being an outdated “box on wheels” predecessor to the Rollaboard® luggage that is seen everywhere today. Not so!

We like garment bags because they offer a streamlined manner of protecting and transporting business apparel in a way that reduces wrinkling. If you travel for business, and are required to wear suits and semi-formal clothing, you may want to consider a garment bag.

For example, you can typically only pack one suit inside the suiter of a regular carry-on. But if you have several suits or jackets, the garment bag allows you to carry several business dress items virtually wrinkle free.

Travelpro Crew 11 Garment Bag

Travelpro Crew 11 Garment Bag

The Crew™ 11 collection features three models, a basic bi-fold and two sizes of rolling garment bags. As with the entire Crew™ 11 collection, all are made of high-quality ballistic nylon fabric with a Duraguard coating, and feature a large exterior pocket and metal hanger clamps to keep your garments secure. All are subjected to strenuous testing to ensure durability of all moving parts and abrasion resistance over the lifetime of the bag. A limited lifetime warranty is also standard for all three models.

The Bi-Fold has an over-the-shoulder padded strap that can be worn crossbody as well, and has a leather carrying handle. It opens like a book and features multiple accessory pockets for separating and organizing contents. A foam padded roll bar and adjustable hold down straps help prevent wrinkling.

Both the Rolling Carry-on Garment Bag and the 50″ Garment Bag feature a high-performance Rollaboard® wheel system with integrated four-point stability system that keeps the bag from tipping when fully packed and standing upright. They also feature our patented Powerscope Extension Handle which reduces wobble when fully extended. The large compartment in each has a padded roll bar and two adjustable hold-down straps for securing up to four garments, as well as compartments for folded shirts fresh from the cleaners and pants. There are also corner pockets for small essentials such as belts, socks, and toiletries.

Do you regularly travel with suits? Are you a garment bag user? What do you typically look for in a garment bag? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or in our Twitter stream.

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Planning for Your First Business Trip

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You’ve just found out from your boss that you’re being sent on your first business trip. Don’t panic — we’re here to help! Here are several tips we’ve compiled from our veteran road warriors to get you off on the right foot as you learn the ropes.

First, plan your trip according to your company’s policies. If you have an internal travel agent, make sure you connect with them to get your flights and hotels booked. If you need to handle this yourself, that’s a bonus! Investigate which airlines go where you need to go and consider becoming a loyalty member. There are numerous online reviews that will provide you with details about seat width, legroom, and on-time records.

Pick an airline that will become your favorite over your business travel career.

A few things to consider: Try to pick an airline that you will make your favorite, since you could be flying with them for years. And don’t always pick the cheapest airlines out there. Some of them are the cheapest for a reason.

Download the carrier’s mobile app so you can check-in online and have your boarding pass right on your phone. Going paperless means you have one less thing to manage. The app will also alert you to any changes in your flight’s status.

If this is the first of what will become many business trips, invest in TSA’s PreCheck. It’s only $85, and it lasts for 5 years. That’s $17 per year of not wasting unnecessary time standing in the security lines.
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Is it Time to Graduate from Backpack to Briefcase?

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Since we already talked about how backpacks aren’t necessarily the slacker bags they once were, we tried to approach this as more of a probing to see whether and when it’s necessary.

You see them in the airport, on the street, and on the train. Their advocates are fiercely loyal. We’ve even addressed the appropriateness of carrying one. Other than a sense of style or an unwritten industry-specific standard, though, what are some reasons to graduate from a backpack to a briefcase?

Crew Executive Choice Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack

Crew Executive Choice Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack

Perhaps you’ve been carrying a backpack since high school. You’ve changed styles, but you still perceive the flexibility that its unrestricted open compartment and deep recesses afford you for your essentials. It’s true, capacity is core to the design. But have you ever had to dig through each and every pocket in order to find what you really didn’t have time to look for? If you’ve never really compared the features of a backpack to those of a briefcase, you may be surprised to find the briefcase has benefits you may not have considered.

Travelpro’s Crew Executive Choice collection has a backpack and a briefcase, and both integrate fine leather accents and durable fabrics to create bags of outstanding functionality and craftsmanship.

The features are the same in the two bags, but the main difference between the two really comes down to bulk. The Checkpoint Friendly Computer Backpack is eight inches deep, while the Slim Brief is only three and half inches. You’re not going to have to choose between the two for durability, convenience, versatility or fashion. So what other reasons might cause you to take a look at a briefcase?

Travelpro Crew Executive Choice Slim Briefcase

Travelpro Crew Executive Choice Slim Briefcase

Maybe you just want to appear more professional. Maybe you want something that you won’t have to fight to slip under the seat in front of you on an airplane or between the seats in your rental car. Maybe you’re tired of the heat that carrying a backpack against your back creates as you hustle through the airport. Maybe you don’t need to carry as much as you used to, or you shouldn’t so your back doesn’t bear the brunt.

Is it time to graduate? Now you know the options are equal, the choice doesn’t have to be so difficult.

What do you carry? What would you rather carry? Leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page.

Travelpro Launches Crew 10 Hardside Spinner Collection (PRESS RELEASE)

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Travelpro, the inventor of Rollaboard luggage and a market leader in innovative, high-quality luggage design, is pleased to debut the revolutionary Crew 10 Hardside Spinner Collection. This creative collection provides the perfect combination of durability, technology and style for today’s frequent travelers.

The Crew 10 Hardside collection

The Crew 10 Hardside collection

“The Crew 10 Hardside Collection has all the qualities that frequent travelers look for,” said Scott Applebee, vice president of marketing for the Travelpro family of brands. “It embodies the most advanced technology today, offering amazingly durable construction, travel tested features, impressive design and superior materials built to go the distance.”

Travelpro’s Crew 10 Hardside product line incorporates the most sophisticated technology for Hardside Spinner luggage in today’s market. Featuring its patented PowerScope Extension Handle that minimizes wobble and with stops at 38″ and 42.5″, the Crew 10 Hardside line ensures that travelers of varying heights can comfortably maneuver through crowded airports and airplane aisles.

Crew 10 Computer Case - openThe Crew 10 Hardside is constructed from 100% polycarbonate material, engineered to withstand high impact handling and the rigors of long distance travel, while still being lightweight. The roomy main compartment expands up to 2″ to maximize space and flexibility for difficult return flight packing. A deluxe hold-down system secures clothing while keeping it wrinkle-free and features mesh pockets for extra storage and easy-to-adjust straps with Duraflex anti-break buckles.

Packed with innovation, the Crew 10 Hardside Collection’s 19″ Business Plus Spinner includes a convenient mobile office in the front pocket that holds pens, smartphones, cords and adapters for easy access on the run. Additionally, a separate built-in padded sleeve provides electronic travel protection for up to a 15.6″ laptop or tablet.

The entire collection is available in both stylish merlot and elegant black, and is backed by a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.

About Travelpro

For over 25 years, Travelpro International has prided itself on design innovation and durability in crafting the highest quality luggage for travelers worldwide. Since transforming the ease of modern day travel with The Original Rollaboard wheeled luggage, Travelpro has been the brand of choice for flight crews and frequent travelers worldwide. Travelpro is dedicated to building a lifelong relationship with its customers by consistently understanding and exceeding their needs. Travelpro was honored to receive the New Product Innovation Award from the Travel Goods Association (TGA) in March 2013 for the revolutionary Platinum Magna luggage collection.

Please visit the Travelpro website for a full list of the latest products and retail locations. You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at @Travelprointl.

Travelpro Debuts the Crew Executive Choice Business Case Collection (PRESS RELEASE)

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Providing the Most Innovative Luggage and Business Cases for Today’s Frequent Business Travelers

Travelpro, the inventor of Rollaboard luggage and a market leader in innovative, high-quality luggage design is pleased to introduce the Crew Executive Choice Business Case Collection. This premium business case line enhances Travelpro’s flagship Crew luggage collection by integrating some highly functional briefcases, backpacks and overnighters into the overall offering. Genuine leather accents and durable fabrics enable the business traveler to travel in confidence with the latest advances in luggage and business cases, all from one compatible product offering.

“The Crew Executive Choice Collection’s attention to detail, confident style and functional efficiency are a reflection of Travelpro’s commitment to its customers and business travelers worldwide,” said Scott Applebee, Vice President of Marketing for the Travelpro family of brands.

Crew Executive Choice Collection

Crew Executive Choice Collection

The Crew Executive Choice Rolling Business Overnighter is an ideal choice for the executive that demands it all: durability, convenience, versatility and a fashionable look that makes a bold statement. An ideal carry-on size for short trips, the Rolling Business Overnighter is built for maximum efficiency with a patented PowerScope Extension handle, which minimizes wobble when fully extended and stops at 42″ ensuring a comfortable roll for users of varying heights. A built-in corduroy, padded pocket protects laptops up to 15.6″ in size, and the business organizer keeps pens, pencils, business cards and keys in place for easy access.

Crew Executive Choice Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack

Crew Executive Choice Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack

The Checkpoint Friendly Computer Backpack is the perfect complement to Travelpro Crew 10 Carry-on luggage. With its one-of-a-kind Quick Loop system, the Backpack can be attached to all existing Travelpro luggage for convenient transport through airport terminals. The Backpack also provides protection against loss and identity theft with an RFID-blocking pocket that keeps all credit cards and passports safe. The highly featured backpack is Checkpoint Friendly, featuring a padded pocket for 15.6″ laptops, plus a tablet pocket and a removable cord pouch for power cables and accessories. Adjustable, padded shoulder straps provide comfort for users of different heights.

Genuine leather handles combined with sturdy nylon fabric make the Checkpoint Friendly Messenger Brief and Checkpoint Friendly Slim Brief, a stylish and damage resistant option for business travelers on the go. Checkpoint friendly design allows the traveler to keep their laptop inside the bag while going through the security x-ray machine at the airport. Each item is equipped with a RFID-blocking security pocket, Quick Loop system, a padded and quilted corduroy pocket that fits a 15.6″ laptop, a separate, padded tablet pocket and a built-in business organizer for quick access storage of key business essentials.

The Business Tote is the ideal case for the female business traveler who wants to combine style and functionality. The tote features a removable padded sleeve for laptops up to 15.6″ and a separate tablet pocket to protect multiple electronic devices safely. A removable cord pouch, RFID-blocking security pocket and business organizer keeps everything organized and safe. Genuine leather straps and trim add a touch of elegance and style.

About Travelpro

For over 25 years, Travelpro International has prided itself on design innovation and durability in crafting the highest quality luggage for travelers worldwide. Since transforming the ease of modern day travel with The Original Rollaboard wheeled luggage, Travelpro has been the brand of choice for flight crews and frequent travelers worldwide. Travelpro is dedicated to building a lifelong relationship with its customers by consistently understanding and exceeding their needs. Travelpro was honored to receive the New Product Innovation Award from the Travel Goods Association (TGA) in March 2013 for the revolutionary Platinum Magna luggage collection.

Please visit the Travelpro website for a full list of the latest products and retail locations. You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Are Backpacks Becoming More Appropriate for the Workplace?

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If you walk down the street in any major city as the workday is ending, you’ll notice one major trend: backpacks and messenger bags have become a popular replacement for the briefcase. What started as a Gen Y trend has been adopted by professionals of all ages. If you’re still holding onto your hard briefcase (literally), here are four reasons why it’s time to let go and pick up a backpack or messenger bag instead.

1. Better for city commuters

Crew 9 Backpack is great for a college student or new professional.Backpacks, messenger bags and business briefs are a better option for those who get to work by train, bus, or on foot. When you don’t have a car to tote things around in, and you need to fit a number of items into your bag, a hard briefcase can’t hold a laptop, lunch, gym clothes, etc. as easily as a backpack or messenger bag can.

2. Less cumbersome

Let’s face it, a boxy briefcase isn’t the easiest thing to carry. They’re clunky, cumbersome and make it that much more difficult to juggle your smartphone, coffee and morning paper. A backpack or messenger bag can free your hands to send out emails, juggle whatever your boss throws at you, or earn brownie points by holding the door open for colleagues.

3. More fashionable

Overall, workplace attire has become more casual in the last decade (good riddance to the power suit!). Unless you’re in a position that requires more formal attire (lawyer, CEO, etc.) you’ve probably noticed that the vast majority of your colleagues have stopped carrying briefcases in favor of backpacks and messenger bags. As more and more Gen Y employees enter the workforce, this trend will continue to grow.

4. More comfortable

Many people find backpacks to be a more comfortable alternative to briefcases and laptop bags due to the fact that weight is spread over the entire back as opposed to one side of the body. For those who frequently suffer from shoulder pain or experience hand discomfort when carrying a briefcase, a backpack may be a better option.

Many professionals are hesitant to switch over from a briefcase or laptop bag because they fear they’ll look too unprofessional or juvenile carrying one. The truth is, professionals of all levels can pull off a backpack or messenger bag – it’s all about selecting the right style and design.

While younger professionals or those who work in an extremely casual environment can pull off most styles, many professionals should opt for a more structured, well-made design, such as TravelPro’s Business Backpack or Messenger Brief.

How Travelpro Tests Its Luggage

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We at Travelpro recognize that the purchase of rolling luggage from our Platinum® 7 collection is not something you take lightly. It can be a considerable investment that you want to make sure is sound. That’s why our Platinum 7 “Worry Free” Warranty reads:

The Travelpro® Worry Free Warranty guarantees your Platinum 7 luggage is free from defects in materials and workmanship, and also covers repairs of damage caused by the mishandling of a common carrier for the life of the bag.

Imagine that, a lifetime guarantee that you won’t have to pay for damage caused by airline baggage handlers.

A manufacturer would have to be extremely confident in both the materials used in and testing performed on its Rollaboards in order to offer such a warranty. Whether it’s the Platinum 7 collection or any of our other lines, Travelpro is confident about the durability of its luggage.

We test all materials and components to the highest industry standards. Our ergonomic, telescoping handle system is tested over 15,000 open/close cycles to ensure durability and stability. Travelpro’s removable, sealed, ball-bearing, in-line wheels are tested for 30 miles to ensure rolling smoothness year after year.

All Platinum 7 bags are constructed with 2000 Denier Ballistic nylon fabric that features a stain and abrasion resistant DuraGuard™ coating that is thoroughly tested for water repellency, color fading and seam strength. The Platinum 7 polypropylene honeycomb framing system provides exceptional durability while reducing the overall weight of the bag.

All luggage in the Platinum 7 collection feature self-repairing nylon coil zipper systems that ensure flawless operation and provide consistent closures. The main zipper undergoes a wear resistance test that includes 7,500 open/close cycles. The luggage also includes rubber skid guards, molded wheel housings and corner guards to protect against damage.

In short, Travelpro’s design team focuses on product durability all through the development and testing process. We recognize that any manufacturer can offer a bag that doesn’t weigh much. The challenge is to provide a lightweight bag that stands up to the rigors that a bag goes through in its lifecycle.

Have we succeeded? Could we offer a lifetime warranty on our products if they weren’t extremely durable?

Baggage Fees Are Here To Stay

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If you’re wondering whether the airlines are going to drop those checked baggage fees, a recent article in the Chicago Tribune tells us that, no, they’re not.

From July to September of last year, the airlines took in over $900 million in checked baggage fees (a 23% increase over the same period in 2009). Most airlines now depend on this ample revenue source to offset rising fuel costs and fluctuating airfares.

One prominent carrier, Southwest Airlines, doesn’t charge these fees and is aggressively promoting that fact as part of their overall marketing campaign. But don’t look for other carriers to adopt Southwest’s approach any time soon.

These fees vary by airline, and are typically $20 – $30 for the first bag checked. Higher fees are charged for additional bags, often twice the amount of the initial bag.

If your bag weighs more than 50 pounds, you’re subject to an overweight fee which is based on how many pounds the bag is “over.” Many airlines also assess oversized fees for luggage that have a combined length, width and girth exceeding 45 inches.

So what can you do to avoid these fees? Fly with Travelpro® Rollaboard® luggage, of course.

Travelpro has been serving the needs of business travelers and vacationers for decades, and we’ve developed a wide range of carry-on luggage that reduces not only baggage costs, but user fatigue and airport hassles as well. We offer carry-on sized Rollaboards, rolling duffel bags, totes, rolling totes, business cases and garment bags.

Constructed of state-of-the-art materials, our lightweight luggage is not only much easier to transport through airports, it is easier to carry on the airplane itself. In the United States, depending on the plane type, airlines generally allow travelers to carry on bags measuring 22″ in length (20″ on international flights).

Travelpro offers many carry-on models that meet these size restrictions, eliminating checked baggage fees and the headache of retrieving your luggage upon arrival. Plus, the carry-on’s light weight and side, top and bottom carry handles make them easier to lift into and out of the overhead bins.

In addition, Travelpro products are extremely durable. Any manufacturer can offer a bag that doesn’t weigh much. The challenge is to provide a lightweight bag that stands up to constant baggage handling and crowded conveyer systems worldwide. As our lifetime warranty demonstrates, we’ve more than met that challenge.

Checked baggage fees are likely here to stay. Fortunately, so is Travelpro carry-on luggage.

What Are The Best Sources For Travel Information?

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With the wealth of travel resources available online, we at Travelpro are often asked which sites we recommend for comprehensive information on popular destinations.

Obviously there are many good sites catering to both common and exotic locales, but we have found that the four sites below consistently provide useful information: The digital version of Condé Nast Traveler, the industry leading travel magazine is published by Condé Nast Publications. The site offers extensive information on popular destinations worldwide organized in an extremely easy-to-use format. allows you to quickly access information on the specific city, region or country you’re going to visit. Both detailed articles and user reviews on your destination’s hotels, restaurants, attractions, stores and nightlife are instantly available, along with photos, videos, trip maps and suggested itineraries. You can also explore the site by “interests,” which range from Active/Adventure to Arts & Culture to Green Eco-Travel to Spa & Wellness. Travelocity is a full-service travel planning and purchasing website offering extensive flight, hotel, car rental, cruise and destination information, along with last minute travel deals. Plus they have the cool Gnome commercials. TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site which offers advice from real travelers, plus a wide variety of planning tools. It is owned by TripAdvisor Media Group which operates 18 popular travel sites and attracts over 50 million visits per month.

Here, you can not only search flight options to your destination, but compare all fares available from online booking sites. Tripadvisor also provides detailed hotel, restaurant, cruise, vacation and activity information, along with valuable forum in which fellow travelers share their experiences. Expedia has everything you’ll need to research, plan and purchase your trip. You can access one of the broadest selection of travel products and tools in North America, as well as localized versions in Europe, and partnerships in Asia. Whether you’re a family booking an extended trip or a businessperson planning a sales trip, Expedia can get you from door to door.

In this computer age, there are as many excellent sources for destination information as there are destinations to visit. The choice, in both cases, is to find the best place for you.

Hot Luggage Trend: The Emerging Business Backpack

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This post originally appeared as an article in South African Airlines’ inflight magazine.

The backpack has come a long way, from backcountry hiking and now to the boardroom. Today’s no-nonsense business exec is toting an updated business backpack, tricked out with a padded compartment for laptops and designed to accommodate the mobile business traveler.

Compact, super lightweight and uber functional, the business backpack is loaded with features to ease the stress of travel – and even lower the cost. With many flying execs using a rolling upright as a carry-on bag, the business backpack is seen as a versatile “second” bag that flies for free.

The bags are not just for the younger set either. They’re finding broad popularity, as daily bags and multipurpose bags, for everything from business meetings to outdoor and urban adventures. Unlike traditional brief cases, these bags are not all work and no play.

High-tech lifestyle

As execs everywhere carry more electronic gear, business backpacks are ideal for the always-connected lifestyle. With intelligently-designed pockets and an incredibly practical layout, the roomy main compartment lets you store cables, adapters, discs, files, music players and electronic tablets in a highly manageable bag.

Of course, most business backpacks come equipped with a padded sleeve or compartment to store laptops and notebooks. The best of the breed are Checkpoint Friendly. That means you can open the bag and slide it through airport security without removing the laptop. Another innovative format lets you “side load” your computer into the bag for quick and easy access. Either way, moving through security is a breeze.

Cool new features

Today’s all-purpose business backpacks also come with cool nooks and crannies to handle an array of travel stuff.

A hidden iPod® earphone port allows you to listen to music while hiding electronics. Shoulder straps feature cell phone (or media) pockets, so your phone rings in the front strap and is easy to reach. Built-in eyeglass straps hold eyewear. Dangling over-sized key holders double as bottle openers.

Some new backpacks even come with a moisture-insulated beverage/food pocket to keep drinks cool and sandwiches hot for the next flight.

All the conveniences

To accommodate business travelers, business backpacks make it very easy to organize business essentials inside the bag. Look for a deluxe business organizer. By zipping open a large front pocket, you can store and find any accessory you need quickly — pens, business cards, keys, CDs, computer accessories. To complement the organizer, exterior accessory pockets can be used for bulky electronic gear, shoes or even an umbrella.

Business backpacks easily piggyback on rolling luggage. Elastic loops slip over the luggage handle to ensure a secure ride. But if you want to wear the backpack, wide shoulder straps are usually padded with non-slip neoprene for added comfort.

A staple for all backpacks is the water bottle pocket. Some are now hidden behind a zipper and double for storage of medications or personal items.

Built for long haul

Business backpacks are built from high-tech materials that ensure exceptional durability in a lightweight design. Tough ballistic nylon fabric with a water-resistant coating offers protection against moisture damage, stains and tearing. Also, large, ergonomic zippers and nylon coil zipper pulls ensure effortless opening and closing over the long haul.

Today’s business backpack is a synergy of intelligent design and lifestyle needs, a hallmark of Travelpro, one the leading brands of durable, lightweight, quality luggage. Today more than 500,000 pilots and flight attendants use Travelpro products, day in and day out. You can view Travelpro’s many rolling luggage and business backpacks on our website.

What are you carrying? If you’re a mobile worker, are you using a backpack or carrying a briefcase or satchel? Let us hear from you in the comments section.

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