Emirates Introduces Wireless Charging in Its Lounges

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We’re so connected to our phones that it almost seems we need a tiny suitcase dedicated to their accessories. If you want your favorite handheld device to be fully juiced before your cross-country flight, you need to be sure to pack the phone’s charger and charging cord, and then you will need an open outlet near the gate where you’re waiting to board your flight.

Not if you’re flying Emirates Airline in Dubai.

According to a Future Travel Experience article, Emirates recently installed inductive, wireless charging trays in its first and business class waiting lounges. While these trays aren’t new to the market, this is one of the first instances where they have been deployed in a consumer environment.

An example of an inductive charging platform. Just set the phone on the pad, and the battery charges without wires.

An example of an inductive charging platform. Just set the phone on the pad, and the battery charges without wires.

This is one time when Android users triumph over Apple users because Android phones are equipped to sync with wireless charging stations, while Apple is still working on their proprietary wireless charging technology.

Mohammed Mattar, divisional senior vice president of Emirates Airport Services explained the decision. “Our aspiration is to provide greater comfort for our customers and a hassle-free, seamless travel experience. Mobile devices are an intrinsic part of our lives, and at Emirates we see free wifi and wireless charging on the go as becoming the norm in the future travel experience.”

We agree. Perhaps some day, airplane tray tables will incorporate this feature, increasing their value from a crumb catcher, drink holder, and armrest to something truly functional.

Do you use wireless charging on your phone? Is it something you would consider? Would you even upgrade to a new phone if you knew you could charge it wirelessly? Leave a comment below or on our Facebook page.

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