Bring This, Not That: Phones versus Cameras

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When packing for vacations, should you add in your camera or just rely on your phone to take your travel photos? Smartphone cameras have gotten sophisticated and professional enough, that many of us have no idea where our “real cameras” are now, or when we last charged them.

However, knowing our vacation is coming up can have us digging through our junk drawers, looking not just for the camera, but also for the charging cord and the instructions.

an APS compact camera by KYOCERA

an APS compact camera (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, should you take your camera with you, or just leave it at home (or give it to your kids as something they can use for their own pictures)?

We think that, unless you’re a decent photographer with a good SLR camera, you should skip the little point-and-shoots and just use your phone. The resolution is the same as the compact cameras, it’s one less thing to recharge, and you can upload your photos to your favorite storage site without worrying about downloading.

If you have a high-end camera, or are a skilled, serious photographer, take it along. Taking high quality photos may be part of the vacation experience for you.

Otherwise why bother lugging a compact camera around and adding it to the ever-growing pile of gadgets that need to be recharged? If you just want to take some photos to remember the trip and to upload to social media, the phone will serve you better in any case.

You have a lot of options for storing and sharing photos from a phone that are probably not available on your camera. And with the latest generation of phones, you can even edit photos and videos. You can’t do that on the point-and-shoots.

And if you’re in a pinch, don’t forget that your tablet can also take photos.

What do you think? Do you take your small cameras along, or do you leave them at home and just use your phones? Leave a comment below or over on our Facebook page.

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