Four Fun and Useful Travel Apps

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A recent article on Yahoo Travel shared some fun and useful travel apps you may want for your next trip.

While some were specifically for entertainment value, we really liked two of them. First, Anti Mosquito Sonic Repeller for your phone plays high pitched, almost inaudible frequencies that will repel mosquitoes.

Ochlerotatus notoscriptus, Tasmania, Australia

Ochlerotatus notoscriptus, Tasmania, Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It plays sounds in ranges that the average adult can’t hear, but we’re told that kids and young adults can still hear the frequencies.

Another app called Sleepy Traveller is ideal for commuters. It uses GPS to wake you up when your train approaches your station to prevent you from sleeping through your stop.

We also like Waze, a Google-owned GPS driving app that updates local road conditions based on input from other Waze users. It’s a great way to avoid new construction, a late breaking accident, or the occasional impromptu parade.

Another great app is called Lounge Buddy, which helps you find lounges at airports that you can access. It will let you know if a lounge is nearby that you belong to, or if there’s one that you could easily purchase a day pass for is around. It’s great for the occasional traveler who doesn’t know the airport like the back of her hand.

Finally, we like Roadside America, an online travel guide that uses your phone’s GPS to give you tips and details on roadside interests in areas you pass through. While you’re in the car, use Roadside America to find some fun stops to take a break from the highway.

What other little-known travel apps do you use? Do you have any you particularly enjoy or love? Leave us a comment and share them with us.

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