Travel Tips For London

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If you enjoy traveling abroad, you owe it to yourself to visit scenic and historic England, and especially its greatest city, London.

With nary a stiff upper lip, the Brits seem to have gotten over the Revolutionary War quite nicely. And, their ancestors’ contributions to art, literature, culture, science, industry and law is endless, with much of it is on display in London.

In short, it’s a wonderful place to visit and, when visiting, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Many historic sites should be experienced on the same day, and many travel packages are available to streamline such touring:
    • Tower of London/Tower Bridge
    • Houses of Parliament/Westminster Abbey
    • Buckingham Palace/The British Museum
    • St Paul’s Cathedral/Museum of London
    • Victoria and Albert Museum/Natural History Museum
    • Whitehall/Downing Street/Trafalgar Square
    • Piccadilly Circus /Leicester Square/Soho
  • The most efficient and inexpensive way to get around London is the London Underground, also known as “the tube.” Buses are also an option, but much more prone to getting stuck in traffic.
  • Remember that motorists drive on the other side of the road from the U.S. and, therefore, come at you from the left as you walk through intersections. Fortunately, there are warning signs printed on the streets warning pedestrians where to look for oncoming traffic.
  • Though not as renowned as the fare available in France and Italy, London cuisine is hearty and enjoyable, especially Bangers & Mash, Shepherd’s pie and Fish & Chips. Be advised that tipping is done more modestly (usually rounding up to the next pound and leaving the change), and you often order at the counter and pay prior to receiving your food, more like a cafeteria.
  • Neighborhood pubs (short for Public Houses) are local gathering places, and should be experienced. Be sure to sample the wide variety of full flavored beers, but remember that the ales are served warm.
  • As always, when traveling abroad, review the Transportation Security Administration’s website for a current list the goods allowed and not allowed in checked and carry-on luggage, and pack accordingly.
  • Also be sure to store an extra copy of your passport in your Travelpro® Rollaboard®, separate from the original. You should also register your credit cards or have a trusted friend or family member maintain a list of both your cards and company contact information.

Remember, the sun now sets daily on the British Empire, so you need to visit London soon.

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